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«Sky Bridge» is the <b>first company</b> entitled to the sales and marketing advertising space in the new terminal of Heydar Aliyev International Airport.



"Sky Bridge" meets 3 million high-income passengers with luxury and premium brands by 62 pieces lightboxes, 26 pieces of LCD monitors, 26 pieces of totems and 2 pieces of megavideowalls in the strategic location of the new international airport terminal built as an upscale lifestyle centre.

"Sky Bridge" presents the brands and products to passengers in digital and print media formats. Partition of advertising space allow both arriving and departing passengers, as well as waiting passengers to see your ads.





"Sky Bridge" ensures passengers the pleasure of contact with luxury and premium brands by means of creative and innovative airport advertising campaigns, so it becomes an agent in brands expand.

  Contact now for airport advertising campaign:

(+994 12) 597 48 53

(+994 55) 440 85 88